Sunday, 31 January 2010

♥ Sending lots of love ♥

Well......I haven't been on here for ages so I felt it was time to update everyone on what is happening. Wow the weekend is nearly over! I have been busy making Valentines Day cards to sell....I have some of them for sale in the cafe I work in i'm hoping to sell them in my little village shop too but we will see how it goes. I have an Etsy account now so I will soon be putting somethings on there to sell. But for now here are some of the cards I have made :) enjoy me lovelies :)

♥ Love


  1. I love them Elly Bean!!!!!
    If only I had someone to give one to, I would per-chase one from you. Hmmmmm...I could always send it to myself... ;) xxxx

  2. Awwwww :D I don't have anyone either. Just think a week after Valentines.......Liam :)

    x x x x